This fun Swedish daily ritual builds better businesses
Nikki Beauchamp explores how adopting the Swedish tradition 'fika' on the daily can help nurture relationships and create a company culture agents (and clients) want to be part of
by Nikki Beauchamp Feb 20
New agent survival guide: Here are 6 mistakes and how to avoid them
Now Streaming! Gain expert advice from industry leaders on navigating common pitfalls faced by new agents, and learn best practices to ensure success in 2024
by Claire Buzzanca Feb 16
As groups fight DEI, multicultural trade organizations hold the line
Julia Lashay Israel writes that multicultural trade organizations are stepping in to promote professional development and homeownership for marginalized groups
How to justify your commission with a Buyer Bill of Rights
As the real estate landscape changes thanks to commission-related lawsuits, Carl Medford writes, pressure is being levied on buyer agents to demonstrate their value to potential clients
by Carl Medford Feb 13
Is your business on life support? Check the health of your database
Frustrated with a lack of leads or a lack of conversions? Troy Palmquist offers insights and tools to help you give your CRM a checkup
by Troy Palmquist Feb 13
Utah homeseller files commission lawsuit against NAR, 13 others
The complaint — one of nearly two dozen targeting real estate's commission-sharing structure — alleges 'most' buyer agents will steer clients away from listings that offer lower commission
by Taylor Anderson Feb 12
Falling rates helped drive home price growth in Q4, NAR says
US home prices shot up in 86% of the 221 metropolitan areas tracked by the National Association of Realtors and rose 3.5% in the fourth quarter, according to data released Thursday by NAR
by Taylor Anderson Feb 8
Forget what you think you know about holiday listings
To achieve extraordinary results, The Agency's Deedee Howard writes, sometimes it pays to ignore conventional wisdom and pursue a more strategic marketing plan
by Deedee Howard Feb 8
Agents have real concerns — but commission rates aren't at the top
Despite ongoing commission lawsuits, agents are more concerned about the health of the real estate pie than the size of their own slice, results of the latest Inman Intel Index survey show
by Chris LeBarton Feb 7
NAR signals more declines to come after 3rd-straight membership dip
NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun warned of 'further declines in membership over the next 24 months' said after NAR posted a 2.1% annual membership decline last month
by Taylor Anderson Feb 6
Ready to share your wisdom with the industry? The Triple-I survey is open
The Inman Intel Index goes beyond sentiment and trends by tapping into the real estate industry's most engaged community. Add your voice to the industry's most ambitious monthly survey today
by Chris LeBarton Jan 22
How I would invest $2,500 in my real estate business in 2024
What we invest in, we can expect to grow. That’s why Jimmy Burgess recommends choosing one of these areas to invest in if you want big returns this year
by Jimmy Burgess Jan 21
9 must-do moves to dodge the agent exodus
If you want to be a top-performing agent in 2024 — one who stays for the long haul — prioritize skill development to best adapt to the changing market, coach Darryl Davis writes
by Darryl Davis Jan 16
10 things to do right now, so you're not in the next wave of agent exits
Team leader Carl Medford and his regional mastermind developed these 10 strategies to help you return to the fundamentals and take on the challenges and opportunities 2024 has in store
by Carl Medford Jan 16
Shortcuts to success: Listen and learn from these 5 people
Stop trying to reinvent the wheel in your business. According to Jimmy Burgess, there are 5 people who already offer a roadmap to your professional destination
by Jimmy Burgess Jan 12
Realtors fear damage to NAR brand beyond repair following Kasper exit
Members already reeling from a series of accusations and leadership changes told Inman Tracy Kasper's resignation as president after less than 5 months doesn't bode well for NAR's reputation
by Taylor Anderson Jan 10
24 how-tos to help you start 2024 off with a bang
To formulate this list of how-tos to start the year off right, Inman's Service Editor Dani Vanderboegh rounded up the top advice and most-read contributors of 2023.
by Dani Vanderboegh Jan 3
More agents than ever earn business from networking and SOI
From cold calling and radio shows to painting classes, agent efforts to grow sphere of influence aren't one-size-fits-all
by Chris LeBarton Dec 29
5 continuing education courses tailor-made for 2024
Keller Williams Head of Inclusion and Belonging Julia Lashay Israel shares her top picks for certifications, designations and resources that are perfect for the new year
7 hard-earned lessons from a firefighter-turned-broker
Entrepreneurship requires fundamental changes, no matter what your previous occupation may have been. Broker Nick Schlekeway outlines the 7 lessons you'll need to learn to be successful
by Nick Schlekeway Dec 19
Top 20 things Realtors really want for Christmas in 2023
Forget Cross pens and Starbucks gift cards. According to mega-team leader Carl Medford, here's what's really on the wishlist of every real estate pro right now
by Carl Medford Dec 18
7 smart strategies for getting more real estate leads for less than $100
If social media, direct mail and networking aren’t yielding enough leads, try these simple, inexpensive strategies from author and coach Darryl Davis
by Darryl Davis Dec 7
Mortgage rates overtake inventory as biggest worry for agents: Triple-I
After exceeding 8% in October, rising mortgage rates overtook 'lack of housing inventory' as the top concern for real estate agents, according to the latest monthly Inman Intel Index results.
by Chris LeBarton Nov 21
8 client appreciation event expenses that are totally worth it
In today’s economy, every dime matters. Here are a few budget-friendly expenditures that author and coach Darryl Davis recommends for your next client appreciation event
by Darryl Davis Sep 21
Dripping in drama, 'Selling the OC' returns for Season 2
New cast member, new Cabo office and plenty of new luxury listings — the STOC cast tells Inman this season will be bigger, better and beefier
5 AI tools agents swear by in today's market
The future is here and AI is the vehicle. Take advantage of the opportunities it provides for smart growth in every area of your real estate business
by Jimmy Burgess Aug 31
Facebook referral groups are a joke. Here's how to improve them
Those beloved referral groups on Facebook may not be the answer to your professional prayers, writes Inman contributor Sue Benson. But fear not! There's a better way for agents to collaborate
by Sue Benson Aug 23
Future so bright: Make tomorrow's business your best ever in 5 steps
The winners in today’s market will take steps to increase sales now, while setting the stage for more future business. Here's where to start
by Jimmy Burgess Aug 18
Better 1 step closer to long-delayed IPO with approval of SPAC merger
Shareholders on Friday overwhelmingly approved a plan to merge mortgage lender Better HoldCo with the Aurora Acquisition Corporation. The deal is expected to close before the end of August
by Taylor Anderson Aug 14
When handling buyer objections, preparation is key, brokers say
Buyers with doubts need to know they're being heard. A well-oiled process for responding to their objections can help, Bianca D'Alessio and Aaron West said Thursday at Inman Connect Las Vegas
by Daniel Houston Aug 11
How luxury agents earn long-term business? By shooting straight
In a down market, clients might not like what agents have to say. But they need to hear it anyway, Frances Katzen of Douglas Elliman and Rachel King of SERHANT. agreed at Inman Luxury Connect
by Taylor Anderson Aug 7
Did the US dodge a recession? As outlook softens, analysts reassess
A rising tide of economists are backing away from early forecasts that the US is very likely to enter a recession later this year or by the first quarter of 2024. But some still see dark clouds ahead
by Taylor Anderson Aug 4
Leads not biting this summer? Enter The Triangle Method
Inspired by this summer's hottest TikTok dating trend, trainer Rachael Hite breaks communication down into 3 simple steps to start seeing results in your frosty pipeline
by Rachael Hite Jul 28
phone, social media
Yes, you can ignore Threads, and you will stay in business, Inman contributor Teresa Boardman writes of Meta's latest social media offering. 'If you are on the fence, I am writing this for you'
by Teresa Boardman Jul 11
team, teamwork
A May Zillow study showed that most buyers are turning to their agents, rather than banks, for financing information. Rick Guerrero says your transactions will be smoother if you collaborate
by Rick Guerrero Jul 11
How important are hashtags on Instagram?
Let Sue 'Pinky' Benson guide you on how to teach Instagram where your content should be going
by Sue Benson Jul 10
'Marginal agents' with fewer sales now claim quarter of commissions
Agents with 5 or fewer sales a year took in an estimated 25-30% of all commission income in 3 disparate markets, according to an analysis of MLS data by the Consumer Federation of America
by Andrea V. Brambila Jul 10
Tiffany Pantozzi on the pleasures and peril of working while pregnant
Ahead of Inman Connect Las Vegas, Align Real Estate founder Tiffany Pantozzi told Inman she concealed her pregnancy last year out of fear clients would discount her ability to juggle the work
by Taylor Anderson Jul 10
metrics, data, numbers
Forget the jargon and hype, and use these terms to get to next-level marketing prowess. Here are the metrics that truly move the needle
by Eric Bramlett Jul 10
How to master hashtags, amplify your social media engagement
Even though there are different opinions on how to use hashtags, one thing is certain: When used properly, hashtags can greatly increase your social media engagement and visibility
by Laura Viñalet Jul 10
5 fundamentals you can't afford to ignore this summer
Those agents who are still consistently working the fundamentals are the ones seeing success, and they'll also be the ones who have clients when we hit Q4
by Carl Medford Jul 8
5 luxury home staging trends that should be on your radar in 2023
Staging leaves a lasting impression on potential buyers. Chris Pollinger sat down with Nicole Senia and Samantha Senia of Elite Home Staging to uncover the latest trends in luxury design
by Chris Pollinger Jun 22
Real estate agents should be using video to market their businesses consistently, period, Kyle Draper writes. Here's how to do it
by Kyle Draper May 27
How am I ever going to land my 1st listing?
Although new agents worry about contracts and contingencies, their real focus needs to be on lead gen for that all-important first listing
by Christy Murdock May 16
Totally not tech-savvy? 11 tools for neophytes
Here are some tips on software products Inman recommends for the new agent or the seasoned professional who’s just now coming around to the modern marketplace
by Craig C. Rowe Apr 30
How to become a real estate broker
Discover the path to becoming a successful real estate broker, including essential qualifications, responsibilities and earning potential
by Christy Murdock Apr 28
The agent’s guide to learning a real estate market
Whether you’re a brand new agent or moving into a new area, here’s how to hit the ground running so that you can position yourself as the market expert
by Christy Murdock Apr 25
What are the different types of real estate agents?
All real estate agents are not created equal. There are different types of agents just as there are different types of transactions and many different areas of specialization
by Christy Murdock Mar 31
Consistency equals consumer confidence. Here's how to build a trustworthy brand
Brand consistency becomes brand recognition. Brand recognition converts into trust, and trust equals success
by Missy Yost Mar 28
5 time-saving social media tools real estate agents need in 2023
If you're ready to improve your social media results and save time while doing it, check out these handy tools
by Laura Viñalet Mar 22
How to build an ever-evolving blog — and become the local expert
Creating an ongoing content marketing plan means making use of ongoing blog posts. Part 3 of this 5-part series shares what to write and how to make sure your blog posts matter
by Christy Murdock Mar 22
That's such a turnoff! 7 major marketing mistakes agents make
Your marketing should be strategic, purposeful and professional. Here are some major marketing turnoffs that you should avoid
by Laura Viñalet Mar 17
QUIZ: Test your real estate marketing IQ
Test your real estate marketing knowledge and see if you're an expert or still a newbie
by Jessi Healey Mar 17
Mauricio Umansky's 6 tips for helping new agents navigate a shift
It’s not always possible to predict how the world — and therefore the market — will shift. What we can do is teach new agents how to navigate the changing tides
by Mauricio Umansky Mar 17
7 reasons agents fail (and how to avoid their mistakes)
Do you know what to do to rise above a challenging market? Here's how to avoid the biggest mistakes agents are making right now
by Jimmy Burgess Mar 16
How bad is it? The worst website mistakes (and how to avoid them)
Some website mistakes are worse than others, here's a list of the most common ones and how bad for business they really are. Plus, tips for how to correct them
by Jessi Healey Mar 15
A new faucet? Hand sanitizer? The unlikely marketing spends that have a big payoff
Marketing doesn't just come from online platforms and social media. Some of the most important things you need can be found nearby
by Teresa Boardman Mar 14
AI can transform your content marketing. Here's how to use it right
Want to do more than write a sonnet with the latest AI tools? Here’s how to put them to work on your content, and the platforms you need now
by Christy Murdock Mar 14
10 tips for crafting CTAs that convert browsers into buyers
How can you write the most effective call to action? Here are 10 tips for writing CTAs that’ll get consumers to take action
by Darryl Davis Mar 13
What the top brokerages' color choices say about them (and how to choose your personal branding)
Color can make a difference in everything from how you feel to how you’re perceived. Find out how to use it more effectively in your branding and marketing
by Christy Murdock Mar 10
This 22-year-old agent did $16M in Year 1. Here's how he did it
Rookie Noah Escobar focused on a solid niche, built relationships with agents (before he was one himself) and worked the phone, among other things. Here's what he's doubling-down on this year
by Jimmy Burgess Mar 9
AI will upend content marketing. 4 ways to stay ahead of the curve
Focus on creating high-quality pieces that resonate with your target audience and meet their evolving needs to stay ahead of the curve in the age of AI-powered search engines
by Chris Pollinger Mar 9
Gary keller, keller williams
In this shifting market, you'll have to do more to achieve the same results you were getting before. Here's what Keller Williams CEO Gary Keller says is the formula for doing more
Too much competition? 10 branding insights to get you noticed
A great real estate brand coupled with outstanding customer service is a winning formula for attracting more clients and closing more deals
by Bernice Ross Mar 7
QUIZ: Have you gotten lazy with your marketing?
If you want to keep your pipeline filled, you can't slack off on marketing. Take this quiz to find out if you're doing everything you can (and should) be doing now
by Laura Viñalet Mar 3
23 ways to turn one listing into many, many more
Here are 23 ways to both market the home and yourself so that you can turn your latest real estate listing into many future deals
by Jimmy Burgess Mar 3
The no-nonsense guide to bootstrapping a real estate business
Think DIY is just for newbies to the real estate industry? Find out how you can bootstrap aspects of your business at any point — and how to decide which skills you bring to the table
by Christy Murdock Mar 1