4 steps to building an effective agent recognition program
Great work can easily fly under the radar, especially in the hustle and bustle of real estate. Now more than ever, it’s crucial for brokerages to implement programs that help give credit where it’s due. Here's how
by Katy Robinson Jun 8
Lesson Learned: Listen before you speak 
Find out how Miami luxury broker Reid Heidenry learned that sometimes, it’s what you don’t say that counts
by Christy Murdock Jun 7
10 ways being on a team will boost your career and improve your life
From more leads and in-house training to a robust support system, there are many reasons why being on a team can lead to a more successful career and improved quality of life. Here are the top 10
by Carl Medford Jun 8
61 safety tips every real estate agent should read
Prevention and avoidance are always better options than dealing directly with any safety-related issue. Don't be afraid, be aware
by Jay Thompson Jun 9
Lesson Learned: Giving 100% every time pays off
Find out how Florida agent Dennis Bowers learned that every client is a potential game-changer with $70M in referrals (from one client) to back it up
by Christy Murdock Jun 14
Buyers relocating? How to guide them in a cross-country move
In a highly competitive market such as real estate, every agent needs that competitive edge. Here's how to make helping relocating buyers yours
by Victoria Kennedy Jun 15
Inman Handbook on team structures today
Learn about a variety of team models, and find out which one — or which combination — might be right for you
by Christy Murdock Jun 21
Is a CMA an appraisal? Contrary to popular belief — it is
The current widespread misuse of the word 'appraisal' may not uproot long-established mores, but everyone should raise their antenna a bit if they're attempting to suggest a CMA is not an appraisal
by Robert Sawyer Jul 9
4 signs your client relationship is in trouble
Concerned your relationship with your client is on shaky ground? Here are a few telltale signs that your customers might be taking their business to another agent (and how to fix those issues)
by Rachael Hite Jun 30
Pulse: What’s the one thing you wish you knew as a newbie?
This week, we're asking readers to share lessons that can set new agents on a course for a successful career. What are some things that would've been helpful to know when you were first cutting your teeth in the industry? 
by Inman Jun 30
A Realtor's companion: 45 real estate terms you need to know
Whether a brand new agent or an industry veteran, there are some words and phrases that frequently crop up. We've chosen 45 terms to create an easy-to-use glossary you'll return to again and again
by Daniel Houston Jul 1
Is this the right fit? Here's how to bet on the right brokerage
As a new agent, choosing a brokerage is a vital and nerve-wracking decision. To help ensure a good fit, print out these questions, and make sure to ask them during your interview
by Bernice Ross Jul 3
What I wish I'd known before starting real estate
Working on a commission-only basis isn’t without risk. The biggest part of the job is looking for work each day. Here are the lessons this broker wishes she'd known before jumping in
by Teresa Boardman Jul 1
Wave of new agents swarm NYC market amid inventory shortage
The number of new agents entering the New York City market rose 7% in May as the city continues its economic recovery, according to data analysis company Corofy
by Daniel Houston Jul 1
Avoid canceled contracts: 3 tips for setting buyers up right
The last thing you want is that dreaded post-contract cancellation call from your buyers. Here’s how new real estate agents can avoid it
by Carl Medford Jul 1
Get after it: 10 action steps every new agent should take
Whether you have a solid plan or are starting from scratch, these business-generating action items will help you hit the ground running, keep you focused and enable you to gain traction faster
by Jimmy Burgess Jul 2
4 ways to stage a home that won't fail to impress 
New agents should master these simple, tried-and-true staging techniques to ensure that every listing looks and feels its best
by Santiago Arana Jul 6
Ethics violation? Lawsuit? Worse? 10 scenarios that get agents in trouble
Here are 10 hypothetical situations to help illustrate how you can avoid some very real legal and ethical problems
How to get more listings: 4 strategies for new agents
Real estate is one of the few industries where you can go full speed right out the gate. As long as you can position yourself to be top-of-mind, landing new listings will be much easier and more consistent
by Anthony West Jul 6
Pulse: Readers share what they wish they'd known as newbies
What's the most important piece of information and industry-related advice you wish you'd have been armed with early on in your career? This week, our readers weigh in
by Inman Jul 6
Get more done: 20 productivity rules for brand new real estate agents
Hit the ground running by following these best practices for managing your time wisely and getting more done
by Christy Murdock Jul 11
New agents, it’s not about the split
So many new agents choose a brokerage by going with the one that offers the highest split. This can not only be a huge mistake, but it can set a newbie up for failure
by Carl Medford Jul 7
Freshly licensed? 10 tips for getting the most out of your career
Money, satisfaction, enjoyment — here’s how to have a more gratifying career
by Christy Murdock Jul 7
PLAN: A 1-year marketing calendar for brand new agents
As a newbie with little experience, whipping up a robust marketing plan can feel like an impossible task. Here is a month-by-month breakdown to get you through your first year in real estate
by Christy Murdock Jul 10
Pulse: Ever have a deal fall through? Tell us what you learned
Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, chances are you've experienced the pain and disappointment of a flopped deal. This week, we're asking you to share your experience. What happened, and what did you learn?
by Inman Jul 7
New to real estate? 5 key career decisions that'll set you up right
With so many real estate agents calling it quits within the first couple of years, those early-career decisions can prove to be vital in setting you up for long-term success
by Christy Murdock Jul 8
How to look like a pro: 5 marketing strategies for new agents
Worried about coming across as a rookie? Here's how to use your marketing and messaging to redirect your audience away from your lack of experience and prove your value
by Christy Murdock Jul 12
Redfin launches program to help professionals enter real estate
The career accelerator program will help professionals in other industries prepare for a career with Redfin through in-person classes and training
by Marian McPherson Jul 8
$10M in sales from Instagram: Steal from this agent's playbook
Whether you're brand new or you've been using it a while, if you adopt North Carolina agent Heidi Harris’ steps for yourself, you'll grow your followers — and your business
by Jimmy Burgess Jul 9
3 biggest mistakes you're making with your website content
Creating content is a great way to draw visitors and potential clients to your website. But what if your content-creation strategy isn't working? Chances are, you're making one of these mistakes
by Kate Hulbert Jul 12
What real estate agents should know about engineered wood floors
Real estate agents who can discuss various options and installation methods for older homes and fixer-uppers will clearly have an advantage when working with buyers
by Gerard Splendore Jul 12
Lesson Learned: Always be open to learning something new
Find out how award-winning Queens NY agent Bianca Colasuonno takes a scholarly approach to the practice of real estate
by Christy Murdock Jul 12
4 essential traits to look for in a broker
Having a real estate broker who embodies these crucial traits could make the difference between your success or failure as a new agent
by Erica Ramus Jul 12
Pulse: Readers share stories of flopped deals (and what they learned)
Ever had a deal fall through? You're not alone. This week, readers share stories of failed transactions, what went wrong and what they learned
by Inman Jul 13
How to explain the value of a buyer's agent to clients
Don't neglect to explain how valuable local knowledge can be, along with the importance of representation and being a fiduciary
by Jay Thompson Jul 14
Here's one simple thing new agents can do to avoid trouble
Know where the line is between excellent customer service and getting into areas that are beyond the scope of a real estate agent. Here's why
by Teresa Boardman Jul 15
How to build lifelong relationships in real estate
From generating leads to preserving those connections, there's a lot you need to master as an agent. But never fear, dear rookie. Here, Inman contributor Jimmy Burgess will arm you with tips, tricks and time-tested strategies to build those lifetime relationships
by Jimmy Burgess Jul 15
The comprehensive handwritten note how-to you need now
You know you should be writing notes to clients and colleagues but aren't sure what to say? Never suffer from writer's block again with these tips and templates to help you write the right note for every occasion
by Christy Murdock Jul 16
From cold to sold: Here’s how to take your business to the next level
These principles will help you systematically grow your real estate business
by Jimmy Burgess Jul 18
How to create a solid daily routine that'll set you up right
Establishing a new routine is not easy, but it can make all the difference in your life. Choose your struggle, make small changes, and get ready for big results
by Adam Hergenrother Jul 19
3 essential summer must-dos for new luxury agents
With a sizzling-hot summer ahead, these tried-and-true strategies will help new luxury agents prepare for a successful selling season
by Santiago Arana Jul 20
Lesson Learned: Overcome any objections with exemplary performance
Find out how Florida real estate agent Jonathan Spears surpassed $1B in career sales before the age of 30
by Christy Murdock Jul 20
How to give your clients the best advice and information
Your clients rely on you for reliable, accurate information. Here are some things to consider before you act on or pass along something you’ve heard or read
by Christy Murdock Jul 20
Most listings have bad visuals. Here's how to stand out
According to a recent BoxBrownie study, most real estate listings suffer from one thing: a lack of good visuals. Whether you're a newbie or a more experienced agent, here are a few tips you need to know about getting listing visuals right
by Christy Murdock Aug 2
The 9 reasons most new real estate agents don't succeed
Richard Lombari, a broker with over 30 years of experience, reveals the list he uses when interviewing new agents to see if they are up for the challenge
by Libertina Brandt Jul 20
Pulse: What's your best piece of advice for newbies in a shifting market?
Now that things are starting to show signs of slowing down, what do new agents need to know? What's the most crucial piece of advice you can offer them?
by Inman Jul 21
Zero contacts? 6 ways to get clients as a newbie
Making connections is a crucial part of being a real estate agent. But if you're new to the scene, with no contacts at all, where do you even start? Here are a few tips for finding those potential clients
by Mauricio Umansky Jul 22
Defend your commission: 5 reasons you're worth it
To handle the commission objection with utmost confidence, you have to first know your value. These five reasons that illustrate why you’re worth every penny are truly just the tip of the iceberg
by Darryl Davis Jul 22
'You'll be on call 24/7': 14 realities your recruiting broker probably didn't tell you
Recruiters understand that your chances of surviving your first year in the business are low, and they'll say almost anything to get you onboard. Here is a list of truths they won't prepare you for
by Carl Medford Jul 21
Forget ‘fake it till you make it’: How to truly build confidence
Genuine confidence comes from getting uncomfortable, trying new things, and learning from your success and failures
by Adam Hergenrother Jul 21
What new real estate agents should know about …
If you're a new agent, learning a thing or two about a home's most sought-after features will go a long way in helping you stand out with clients
by Gerard Splendore Jul 31
9 financial tips for new (and not-so-new) agents 
Here are some financial tips and techniques that can help you earn more, save more and prepare for eventual retirement
by Jay Thompson Jul 22
Social media calendar and post guide for real estate agents
Take the guessswork out of social media and put together a plan you can commit to. With scheduling, timing and more, you're sure to see results
by Jimmy Burgess Jul 25
5 secret ingredients to creating buyer loyalty
Put these ingredients in place for every buyer lead you receive, and you’ll succeed with more ease and fewer headaches — while building that ever-elusive loyalty
by Darryl Davis Jul 26
8 new agent mistakes to avoid from the get-go
So you've got your real estate license in hand — now what? Of course, finding a place to work and securing those first clients may seem like they should top your list, but there are a few other details newbies shouldn't neglect
by Gerard Splendore Jul 26
'Work your community': How new agents can adapt to a slowdown
Members of the Inman Coast to Coast Facebook group recently shared tips for new agents on how to change with the times as the market experiences a moderate slowdown
by Lillian Dickerson Jul 26
22 ways you may be violating the Realtor Code of Ethics
Agents misrepresent themselves and aspects of their transaction, sometimes without even knowing it, according to broker and ethics hearing officer Barbara Betts
by Andrea V. Brambila Jul 27
QUIZ: Will you make it in real estate? 10 questions that predict new agent success
Answer yes or no to the following 10 questions, and see how you score on the 'most likely to succeed in real estate' scale
by Bernice Ross Jul 27
The 10+ greatest real estate and sales books of all time (IMHO)
Here are a plethora must-read books from authors who are willing to help in your ongoing quest for real estate knowledge
by Jay Thompson Jul 28
How to grow your network
It's important to maintain connections because your business often depends on the quality of those relationships. But here's why you shouldn't neglect strangers and acquaintances
by Connie Czarnecki Aug 3
New agents: How you handle rejection can make or break you
People have all sorts of reasons for choosing another agent, and rejection is just part of the job. New agents need to understand and learn how to move past this fast. Here's why
by Teresa Boardman Jul 29
5 nifty (and thrifty) social media marketing ideas
If you know where to look, you'll find that the digital space is chock-full of free resources and tools you can use to up your social media marketing game. Here are a few.
by Katie Lance Jul 29
Start here: 9 skills agents need to nail from the start
Connect with people you care about, and give them such excellent service that they will happily refer you to their friends and acquaintances
by Bernice Ross Jul 29
No budget, no worries: How to market yourself as a brand new agent
Here are three great ways to get the ball rolling in the marketing department as a brand new real estate agent on the cheap
by Kevin Hoover Jul 29
SEO made simple: 2 main things agents should focus on
Optimizing your website for SEO can be a daunting task for a lot of agents — but it's key to driving potential leads to your business. Here are 2 simple ways you can improve your site's visibility
by Kate Hulbert Jul 29
3 brokers share 7 tips for guiding new real estate agents
Three real estate brokers share how they help new agents navigate bidding wars, manage finances, and keep their sanity while building their business
by Marian McPherson Jul 30
Lesson Learned: Always be open to your clients' suggestions
Find out how this Miami luxury team keeps learning through active listening
by Christy Murdock Aug 2
How to beat rejection before it beats you
Dealing with rejection is never easy, but staying positive and learning from the past will benefit you in the long run. Here's how to bounce back when you've been shot down
by Santiago Arana Aug 3
Pulse: What newbies need to know about marketing listings
From utilizing professional photography to tapping into your sphere, here are some essential tips newbies need to know about marketing listings
by Inman Aug 3
How to ensure your listing finds love online
Here’s how to maximize your listing’s potential and capture more online views
by Carl Medford Aug 3
3 reasons choosing a niche is the best thing I did for my career
When you try to be 'everything,' you make it almost impossible for prospective clients to see your value. And if they don't see your value, they will seek out an agent who can present clear value
by Nicole Espinosa Aug 5
Does it really matter where you hang your license? Here's the truth
A solid agent will be good anywhere. However, the decision of where you hang your license can determine a lot about how you take your business to the next level — and whether you'll even make it in real estate
by Joseph Santini Aug 16
10 must-do sale preparation tasks — regardless of market
Buyers are stretching their budgets more than ever, and they want the best their money can buy. If sellers want to capitalize on their homesale, they’ll have to put in the work. Here are 10 seller must-do’s and why they matter to buyers
by Cara Ameer Aug 17
5 survival tips for brand-new agents in a hyper-competitive market
How can you start a real estate career with a competitive edge? Arm yourself with these must-do tips
by Elisha Lopez Aug 18
21 creative video concepts to reach more buyers and sellers
Here’s a handy list of video ideas that every agent can — and should — easily make to reach out to more potential buyers and sellers and keep in touch with past clients
by Jimmy Burgess Aug 20
Failed it! 5 ways to grow from your mistakes
Making mistakes in real estate (especially when you're first starting out) is inevitable. However, if you approach failure with the right attitude, commit to the practice and tap into the expertise of mentors, you'll grow in this business
by Darryl Davis Aug 23
Are your agents on track? 4 steps for keeping them on goal
With the market starting to cool, now's a good time to check in with your agents. Are they on track with their goals? Here's how to make the most of agent check-ins and successfully plan for the upcoming year
by Erica Ramus Aug 25
3 major risk types agents need to prepare to mitigate
Real estate professionals face 3 distinct areas of risk: financial, physical and legal. Here are a few tips for dealing with those risks
by Joey Sheehan Sep 6
How to become a local real estate market expert
Want to become the unofficial mayor of your neighborhood? Market dominance starts with in-depth local knowledge and all-in commitment.
by Mark Choey Sep 2
Sellers putting faith in their Zestimate? 4 steps for getting real on price
Here’s the proven four-step plan Carl Medford’s team uses at listing appointments to help bring sellers back to reality and win the listing
by Carl Medford Sep 2
Recruiting new agents? 5 tips for making your brokerage stand out
New agents are a big part of a brokerage’s success. A good way to attract and recruit them is through effective and eye-catching marketing and branding campaigns that highlight your brokerage’s key differentiators. Here are a few tips
How to crush it on Instagram and Facebook in 2022
Want to find out how to boost your presence on two of the most powerful social media platforms? Social media guru Katie Lance shares her top tools and tips for Facebook and Instagram
by Katie Lance Sep 4
Ever struggle for words? Here’s how to nail client conversations
The authors of 'Exactly What to Say for Real Estate Agents' provided 30 magic words to help agents have the tough conversations. Here, Bernice Ross boils down the top takeaways
by Bernice Ross Sep 6
Lesson Learned: Learn the universal language of R-E-S-P-E-C-T
Find out how luxury real estate specialist Neal Oates Jr. developed a cutting-edge global brand through good old-fashioned respect
by Christy Murdock Sep 6
99 more blog ideas — for sellers
Here are 99 ideas for blog topics that can reach real estate sellers. These content ideas are useful for all online mediums — don't limit yourself to blog posts
by Jay Thompson Sep 8
NAR can't raise the bar — but your broker can
NAR is the face of real estate — a nice big target to blame when something needs to be fixed. But here's why it's really up to real estate brokerages to raise their standards
by Teresa Boardman Sep 10
Lone Wolf's Recruit helps brokers sniff out the best agents
The recruiting management solution will help brokerages maximize their recruiting effort ROI and find more agents who are likely to succeed
by Craig C. Rowe Sep 17
Who is your client? 4 personality types to watch for
Is your client a lion, otter, golden retriever or beaver? Here is a quick and easy way to identify which personality your prospective client has so you can adapt your presentation style to win the day
by Carl Medford Sep 16
QUIZ: Are you a closer? Test your marketing prowess
Find out how good your closing skills are by answering these 10 questions
by Bernice Ross Sep 16
9 shortcuts to becoming a neighborhood expert clients want to work with
How does one go about learning their market? Whether you are brand new to the business or have been around since time immemorial, here are a few tips to help you stay ahead of a rapidly changing market — and your clients
by Jay Thompson Sep 21
The listing launch plan that gets higher prices, faster sales, more listings
Take action now to formulate your marketing plan for listings, and you will see your business grow
by Jimmy Burgess Sep 23
A competitor is recruiting me: Should I jump ship to another brokerage?
Brokers have 2 solid options to consider when agents give notice of their intention to leave
by Anthony Askowitz Sep 22
Lesson Learned: Don't underestimate a 'small' deal
Find out how former pilot Matt Dolan learned that when it comes to real estate, every deal has its own potential
by Christy Murdock Sep 27
Don't stop me now! 3 excuses top producers never make
The truth is, it's all about figuring out what you need to get the job done. Become the kind of person who figures things out and develops the skills to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself
by Jimmy Burgess Sep 30
Is your online presence on point? Here's how to find out
Here’s what real estate agents need to do to expand their online presence and get the most from digital marketing efforts
by Jimmy Burgess Oct 1
A woman accountant creating a budget using a calculator
Here are a few things to consider as you plan for next year
by Michelle Ayala Oct 1
Lesson Learned: Join a team that complements your skillset
Find out how Boston-area luxury real estate agent Dana Bull learned that having the right backup means everything
by Christy Murdock Oct 4
Breaking into high-end real estate? 3 tips for aspiring luxury agents
Establishing yourself as an expert, marketing yourself effectively and utilizing your network to make new connections will give you an edge over your competitors
by David Parnes AND James Harris Oct 6
7 ways to wow past clients and build lifelong relationships
If you go deeper in your past client relationships, they will take your business wider
by Jimmy Burgess Oct 8
UnlockdBox app helps real estate agents outsource daily tasks, earn more with smart 'side hustle'
App can help top producers off-load work that's beyond their pay-grade while helping new agents and aspirational assistants learn their market
by Craig C. Rowe Oct 7
3 secrets for perfecting your personal brand
Agents need to embrace personal branding and control their online presence now more than ever
by Mauricio Umansky Oct 13
Are you Googleable? 5 simple steps to upgrade your online presence
Here are a few tips to help ensure that when your ideal clients search for a real estate agent, they'll find and get to know, like and trust you
by Mary Hind Long Oct 13
How to make a brilliant first impression and instantly build relationships
In real estate, you could be one relationship away from moving your business to the next level. Here are my top tips for giving a solid first impression, making quicker connections and building meaningful rapport
by Jimmy Burgess Oct 14
Lesson Learned: It’s not about you
Find out how former San Francisco Giant and Florida Compass agent Angel Nicolas learned to put his focus where it belongs — on his clients
by Christy Murdock Oct 15
To master recruiting, Kris Lindahl says educate — and collect data
Indie broker and team leader Kris Lindahl talks about his brokerage's scholarship program at Inman Connect Las Vegas
by Andrea V. Brambila Oct 27
5 ways experienced brokers can help new agents gain confidence
New agents often find success from the get-go when they approach every aspect of the job with confidence. As a leader, you can help rookies find their feet and grow that confidence by providing valuable advice, encouragement and motivation
by Santiago Arana Nov 1
‘How do I talk my buyers into paying more?’ That's easy — don't!
Here's why that’s a terrible question and agents need to stop asking for (and giving) advice on Facebook
by Jay Thompson Nov 2
Be a better buyer's agent: 6 steps for an exceptional client experience
Buyers need a facilitator who will help them purchase the home they want to buy and protect them throughout the purchase process
by Carl Medford Nov 2
6 personal habits that'll lead to explosive business growth
Here's how to apply Tony Robbins' personal development plan to your real estate career
by Jimmy Burgess Nov 4
7 simple steps for getting more listings in 2022
By executing these seven steps, you'll be top-of-mind for your targeted homeowners, and you will generate more listings
by Jimmy Burgess Nov 5
Looking for the right fit? 5 factors to consider when brokerage hunting
Whether you’re a newbie just getting started or an experienced veteran, choosing a brokerage is something every agent faces at some point. By knowing what differentiates one firm from another, you suss through the heap and find the brokerage that will best fit your needs and goals
by Chad Ruggles Nov 11
New agent? 12 tips for getting more listings as you learn the ropes
Building a business from the ground up takes time, resources and support. You'll also need a few helpful strategies to help ramp up your growth. Here are a few tips and tricks to get you up to speed at your new career
by Darryl Davis Nov 12
3 agents per home: Is Daytona Beach the canary in the coal mine?
In September, approximately 2,200 agents licensed in the Florida beachside community of 70,000 were vying for just 674 listings. Is this the fate in store for the rest of the country?
by Daniel Houston Nov 18
250 raving fans: How to build solid relationships
People crave connection, and they want to know you care. Put your arms around your 250 closest contacts, and make meaningful connections with people who genuinely want to recommend you
by Josh McGrath Nov 19
Back to the office? What real estate agents should wear
It’s time to trade in those sweats for 'real' clothes. But what constitutes professional attire now?
by Troy Palmquist Nov 19
Lesson Learned: Have the patience to let your dreams come to fruition
This week, find out how NYC’s Richard Wheeler went from nightlife fixture to real estate strategist
by Christy Murdock Nov 22
Lesson Learned: Tune into your clients
Find out how Sotheby’s Stan Ponte learned to talk less and listen more
by Christy Murdock Nov 25
The real reason sellers shop by lowest commission
A homeowner shopping purely on price isn’t convinced that real estate agents are worth the commission. Here's the best approach
by Darryl Davis Dec 2
33 milliseconds to form an impression: 7 tips for making it count
It takes as little as 33 milliseconds for someone to form a first impression of you — so what are you doing to make sure you stand out? Here, top professionals from across the country share how they put their best selves forward
by Georg Chmiel Dec 6
Lesson Learned: There's never a reason to lose your cool
Find out how NYC agent Charlie Attias learned that staying cool, calm and collected is often the secret to real estate success
by Christy Murdock Dec 3
Set the stage for 2022: 4 steps to start off on the right foot
While some agents hit the new year running, others seem to be stuck in the mud, repeating the same mistakes from the previous year and going nowhere. Here are 4 key areas to master for 2022 to get your business going in the right direction
by Carl Medford Dec 7
4 emails every agent should send (and how to do it)
How can you make sure people actually open your email marketing? Send these four types of emails leads and past clients actually want to read, and you'll become the local expert they look forward to hearing from
by Dale Archdekin Dec 7
How to get the most out of Inman Connect New York: Advice from a veteran attendee
Jay Thompson has attended 16 Inman Connect events and counting, and over the years, he's learned a few tips for making the absolute most of the networking event. Follow his lead and you will, too
by Jay Thompson Dec 9
12 side gigs to help support your real estate career
When you’re first starting out, you may need some additional revenue streams to keep you afloat between commissions. Here are 12 side gigs you can incorporate into your business
by Christy Murdock Dec 10
6 steps to developing a foolproof accountability playbook
Master the commitments you've made, and improve your business by following these simple steps to stay accountable
by Tom Toole Dec 13
Let it go: 22 bad habits agents need to ditch before 2022
Forget New Year's resolutions! As another heavy year races to a close, instead of piling more on your to-do list, let's lighten your load. Here are 22 things to let go of before 2022
by Rachael Hite Dec 14
Show 'em your value: 7 P's of real estate agent marketing
Success starts with developing a clear understanding of who you are, who your ideal client is and what you offer. Package your services, position yourself for maximum exposure, and develop a process that keeps you top-of-mind
by Jimmy Burgess Dec 17
'Think and Grow Rich': 7 lessons for real estate agents
2022 is the year to build the business of your dreams. Will you just go through the motions this year? Or will you take massive action and create the business you deserve to have? The choice is yours
by Jimmy Burgess Dec 17
How to move the ‘big rocks’ to next-level your business
Eat that frog, the one thing, the 80-20 principle — many wise business people have written volumes on the subject of getting after it. Mega team leader Carl Medford gives his personal strategy on how to knock out the most impactful business activities first
by Carl Medford Dec 22
5 business planning must-do’s for 2022
Start putting a plan in place for success next year while keeping your focus firmly fixed on your goals
by Christy Murdock Dec 29
The monthly checklist real estate agents need in their lives
Develop a big picture view of each month to ensure that you can feel good about what you’ve accomplished in 2022
by Christy Murdock Dec 29
3 daily routines every real estate agent should adopt
Focus on setting your routines, and then fiercely protect them
by Mike Opyd Dec 29
22 ways to generate real estate listings in 2022
If your business is to be all that you want it to be this year, generating listings will be a big part of your growth. Implement one or many of these tried-and-true strategies — and you will have your best year ever
by Jimmy Burgess Jan 6
5 tips to boost listing descriptions
Agents need to write listing descriptions for an array of marketing outlets these days. Here are a few tips on making property look better to buyers
by Craig C. Rowe Jan 6
How to launch new real estate agents the right way
This year, focus on giving back more to the business, and I believe the business will give more back to you with all my heart
by Jimmy Burgess Jan 8
Top 12 must-read real estate books of 2021
Improving your skills? Starting a book club? Here are the top real estate reads that'll help you get better at everything — from sharpening your communication chops to upping your Facebook advertising game
by Brandon Doyle Jan 12
22 real estate how-to's that'll get you through 2022
If you're curious what other real estate agents are reading, we've got you covered. Here are the most-read how-to's from 2021
by Dani Vanderboegh Jan 14
22 must-have real estate tech tools for agents in 2022
Here are the top tools we use in our business, plus the top real estate tech tool of all time
by Jimmy Burgess Jan 14
Jessica LaMar was 1 of the 10,000s of Americans to launch a real estate career in 2021. Here's her story
Sacramento-based agent Jessica LaMar shares her winding journey from Lululemon manager to rockstar rookie in the midst of a pandemic — and what she's learned about herself in the process
by Marian McPherson Jan 19
9 ways to help buyers compete in an all-cash world
There isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to helping buyers compete in an all-cash world, but these tactics and strategies will help
by Cara Ameer Jan 19
How to assess the likelihood that your leads will convert
Tracking and predicting conversions ensures more effective and consistent followup
by Tom Toole Jan 24
Take care of you: 5 mental health apps for real estate agents
Tight deadlines, long hours, a pandemic — real estate is stressful in 2022. Check out these mental health apps for real estate agents to ensure you're a priority even if the transaction gets chaotic
by Santiago Arana Feb 3
From Realtors with love: 89 tips for new real estate agents in 2022
Inman reached out to more than 200 of the country's top agents by transaction sides and sales volume and asked 1 simple question: What's your advice for agents launching careers in 2022?
How to get started with social media marketing as an agent
Many real estate agents find it intimidating to launch a social media presence, but the rewards are worthwhile
by Christine Carr Jan 26
How to build a company culture that supports agent success
Connect Now panelists from Century 21, The Agency and RE/MAX share how they offer technology and networks where collaboration is the norm
by Andrea V. Brambila Jan 25
9 tools for creating top-notch real estate videos in 2022
Content creation for video doesn't have to be complicated. Here's how to get started
by Jimmy Burgess Jan 29
Ready, set, go! Prepare your family for your real estate career
A career in real estate means everyone needs to be on board. Here's how to talk to your family from the start so that they know what to expect
by Darryl Davis Jan 31
Overhead view of design team having project meeting in office
Changes are coming to markets and the real estate industry. Here's how team leaders can keep everyone on track and moving forward together
How to announce your new real estate career without feeling pushy
Authentic conversations with family and friends help new agents establish their sphere of influence and launch their real estate business
by Darryl Davis Feb 16
How to move the needle on Black representation in real estate
If we are going to make inroads on the diversity front, the status quo needs to change. It is everyone's responsibility to make that happen
by Shad Bogany Feb 15
How to attract business instead of chasing it
Here are 5 steps to put into action today, to ensure that you’re attracting business so that you don’t have to be out there chasing it
by Jimmy Burgess Feb 11
7 components of a successful 2022 business plan
Establishing a real estate business plan will make you unstoppable because you’ll know your goals and you’ll know how to achieve them. Clarity leads to solid follow-up and execution
by Tom Toole Feb 22
11 key questions new real estate agents should ask their broker
The key to great partnerships is communication, and great communication can often start by asking great questions
by Darryl Davis Feb 15
5 ways real estate agents quickly ruin client relationships
Aggravating mistakes end up costing you clients, time and money — and it's your reputation that takes the biggest hit
by Santiago Arana Feb 15
How to become an inclusive Realtor: NAR certifications, designations, resources
Not sure how to grow your knowledge and familiarize yourself with contemporary perspectives? These courses are a great place to start
by Christy Murdock Feb 16
realtor looking at camera in front of clients
The trick to learning and growth in this business is the same as it is for most things – start by asking the right questions 
by Darryl Davis Feb 23
18 ways to market your listing (and thrill sellers)
Show your sellers you mean business when it comes to getting their listing the exposure needed for a successful sale using these ideas from Million Dollar Listing LA stars
by James Harris AND David Parnes Feb 16
What the latest real estate numbers mean for your business
With record-high numbers of Realtors and shifting trends in home inventory, agents need to be prepared to stay top-of-mind in the days ahead
by Darryl Davis Feb 22
Should you open a real estate school?
Offering education opportunities can grow your brokerage and spark a new generation of professionals
by Nicholas Acosta Feb 22
6 creative ways to reboot a chilly lead
Instead of focusing on the results themselves, focus on the activities that drive results. Use these methods to re-engage after an initial conversation and land the listing
by Tom Toole Feb 24
How to beat iBuyers every time
Help clients sell on the open market, avoid giving away huge amounts of their equity to iBuyers and, if eligible, work with a Power Buyer to buy their next home before selling their current one
by Bernice Ross Feb 25
'Who says?' Avoid spreading misinformation with fans and followers
Reputation is everything in real estate, and the wrong share on social media can undermine years of goodwill. Find out how to check out information before you pass it along to others
by Jay Thompson Feb 24
To call or not to call: What if FSBOs are on the Do Not Call list? 
Real estate professionals can — and should — help FSBOs and expireds make the most informed decisions about their real estate best interests
by Darryl Davis Mar 8
13 questions new agents should ask when interviewing brokerages
Stuck for what to say when they ask, 'Do you have any questions for me?' Here are 13 new agent queries for meeting with a broker or recruiter
by Darryl Davis Mar 1
Prospects on the fence? Here's how to get them to make a move
Overcome the client's uncertainty and lead them toward the best decision for their circumstances. Here's how to reach out to on-the-fence prospects, earn their trust and snag the client for life
by Tom Toole Mar 4
7 faux pas that can cause a pause
Sometimes, it’s the things you do before the deal that cause it to fall apart. Savvy agents avoid these potential pitfalls
by Christy Murdock Mar 2
It'll cost you! 5 communication mistakes agents can't afford
Watching what they say — and how they say it — is the secret to success for many agents. Here are the bad communication habits that can undermine the best of intentions
by Christy Murdock Mar 2
Running a real estate business requires you to excercise many of the same mental muscles that runners do when they train
by Jimmy Burgess Mar 6
Are you for real? 4 tips for social media authenticity
Life isn’t always picture perfect. The more you can showcase your authentic self on social media, the more like-minded people you will resonate with and potentially work with
by Laura Stace Mar 8
Lesson Learned: Look at every deal as an opportunity to do more business
Find out how NYC agents Jessica Chestler and Ben Jacobs learned that every deal has the potential to turn into an extraordinary opportunity
by Christy Murdock Mar 8
Broker Spotlight: Barbara Betts, The RECollective
In the spotlight this week: Meet Long Beach, California-based indie broker-owner Barbara Betts. This week, we salute her! Find out how she got to where she is today, what she predicts for the future and the thing she wishes all new agents knew
by Dani Vanderboegh Mar 10
Inman Connect Now Series
Tim Heyl shares his insights on what's ahead and how to prepare at Inman Connect Now
by Jodie Cordell Mar 16
9 things agents should expect from their leadership
Although we talk a lot about what individual agents should do, let's explore the less-often broached topic of what agents can (and should!) expect from their leaders. Here's what agents should look for (and see) in their team leaders and brokers
by Cara Ameer Mar 21
Condo or co-op in NYC? Help your buyers make the right choice
It used to be that a condo was where you took a buyer who couldn’t pass a co-op board. Now, however, it's easier for developers to finance a condominium and simpler for buyers to apply
Bad bosses? 5 rotten apple red flags and what to do next
Agents are supposed to be able to look up to their brokers and leadership team for professional guidance. However, what do you do when the ones in charge are the problems?
by Christy Murdock Mar 21
7 hot spring market tips to boost business and keep burnout at bay
There's so much to do, and to take in, this time of year. Here, find some ways to stay grounded, focused and ready for whatever the market throws your way this season
by Darryl Davis Mar 29
Imposter syndrome: How to move past self-doubt
There are many reasons new real estate agents might be experiencing feelings of imposter syndrome. Let these insights and strategies help you overcome that sense of fear and insecurity
by Darryl Davis Apr 1
Lesson Learned: What goes around comes around
This week: Find out how NYC's Ellen Sykes learned that when it comes to going the extra mile, the good you do comes back to you
by Christy Murdock Apr 4
Do more, stress less: A pain-free approach to productivity
It’s the little things that matter most when it comes to making your workday more fun and productive
by Christy Murdock Apr 6
Dotting the i's: 22 tips for practically perfect paperwork
Completing paperwork efficiently and accurately is essential for both new and experienced agents. Here's how to make sure it's right every time
by Shelley Zavitz Apr 7
Starting smarter: Making a winning first impression
Whether you are launching your career or moving to a new brokerage, here are the strategies you need to start off on the right foot
by Christy Murdock Apr 6
7 ways to thrive (not just survive) in a shifting market
No matter what the market does, there are always agents who have growing businesses. Here are 7 steps you can take in this shifting market to ensure that you thrive
by Jimmy Burgess Apr 8
30 etiquette rules for business self-confidence
With so many platforms and processes, you need to keep up with the rules — both old and new. Here you’ll find ways to put your best foot forward in-person and online
by Christy Murdock Apr 12
You shared the financial tips you wish you'd known as a newbie: Pulse
Last week, we asked readers about the smart money moves they wish they'd made when first starting out in real estate. From LLCs to market miscalculations, here's what you wish you had known
by Inman Apr 13
Connection leads to conversion: 11 tips for better social media engagement
Being on social media is essential in the real estate industry today. It offers you the opportunity to connect both locally and with those who are part of the current relocation surge
by Jimmy Burgess Apr 15
Advice to ignore! 6 tips newbies should skip right now
New agents are given plenty of advice when they're starting out, but is it all really true? There are better ways to build a business than those old-fashioned methods
by Darryl Davis Apr 18
8 mistakes agents make that take them off track and how to avoid them 
There are lots of things you can do to build your business with balance. Here's how to stay focused, productive and smiling
by Darryl Davis Apr 25
Agent retention woes? 4 tips to help reduce attrition
The real estate industry has an abysmal agent retention rate. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Marcus Larrea, co-founder of Palm Paradise Real Estate, gives his winning formula for keeping agents happy and engaged, with your culture intact
by Marcus Larrea Apr 18
Creativity sells: How to help buyers see a world of possibilities
Buyer sentiment is at an all-time low, but there are still options out there for buyers who are a little more open-minded. Help them expand their view and find the right home, even in a challenging market
by Christy Murdock Apr 20
Negotiating online? How to get your virtual poker face ready
It’s not always possible to negotiate face to face, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a leg up on the competition. Find out how to optimize your virtual negotiation skills so that you can give your clients the best possible chance at success
by Christy Murdock Apr 20
7 ways to create name recognition with no budget 
No cash? Don't fret. There are plenty of ways to establish yourself as a new agent and make connections without spending a lot
by Darryl Davis Apr 26
Who's winning — your family or your clients?
Maybe you’ve been working too much, or you’ve just been incommunicado. Here’s how to renew your relationships with those who matter most to you
by Christy Murdock Apr 25
How bad is it? 14 scenarios for what agents can and cannot let fall by the wayside
Sometimes it's OK to let a few things fall off the to-do list in order to prioritize the things that absolutely need to get done — and to keep one's mental health in check. But agents should be discerning in deciding what's ok to let go and what really can't be put off
by Lillian Dickerson Apr 25
5 smart financial and lead gen moves for brand new agents
Starting out in the real estate business presents its own unique challenges. By taking the time to consider your finances and lead generation activities, you’ll set yourself up for success in the long run
by David Parnes AND James Harris May 18
Don't wait, create! Help find hidden inventory for your buyers
Inventory continues to be a challenge for all real estate agents, but you don’t have to wait passively for the market to provide inventory
by Tom Toole May 11
Get off the burnout rollercoaster! How to reduce stress in real estate
No need to fear and loathe the stress in your life. Coach Darryl Davis offers ways to reenergize and empower yourself to achieve more with less stress
by Darryl Davis May 9
Don't let inflation break your budget! Fix your spending now
When you start looking at your expenses, you’ll probably find that there are plenty of places where you can cut enough costs to make up for some of the higher prices you may be seeing now
by Christy Murdock May 2
Growing a social media following takes time. Here are 4 tips to speed it up
When growing your social media audience, remember that it will be a marathon and not a sprint. You want to build a qualified audience that will be receptive and will engage with your content
by Laura Stace May 9
'The Magic of Thinking Big': 7 essentials for agents
What do you think is possible in your real estate business? Whatever you just thought, you're thinking too small
by Jimmy Burgess May 8
10 pricey new agent mistakes you don't want to make
While it may be tempting to throw money at everything, as a new agent you need to keep your eye on the bottom line. Here are some wasteful habits to avoid
by Anthony West Nov 26
30+ how-tos to keep your finances in check
Whether you're new or just looking for some tips, we've got you covered. Here are our top articles on financial fitness
by Dani Vanderboegh May 18
How to help new agents fail upward
Help your new agents by encouraging them to let missteps become stepping stones. They'll win in the short term and develop what they need to have long and successful careers
by Darryl Davis May 18
9 resources that’ll make you look smarter about the economy
Want to get a better grip on the big picture elements that affect your business and personal finances? Here are 9 ways to easily stay informed every day
by Christy Murdock Today 1:19 A.M.