As the coronavirus pandemic changes daily, our aim is to keep you equipped with the tools and strategies you’ll need to move forward. To keep it all straight, we’ve compiled all our content related to keeping your business going in these uncertain times — updated daily.

Managing your business

home office

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8 strategies for working around coronavirus roadblocks

Columnist Bernice Ross reached out to the Inman Coast to Coast Facebook group this week to find out how agents are pivoting to cope with today’s COVID-19 market. Here are some workarounds for the issues agents are facing in the field.

Practicing real estate from a distance? 5 virtual meeting platforms you need to know

Online buyer meetings, continuing education and digital listing presentations will become more popular than ever, even after coronavirus wanes. Here are some of the more popular virtual meeting options worth checking out.

How to spot misinformation and prevent it from spreading

A slew of coronavirus myths, rumors and false medical advice has been making the rounds on the internet. By putting fact-checking practices to good use, you can snuff out misinformation when it makes its way to your screen and ensure you never share it.

7 essential tips for communicating with your sphere during crisis

What’s the biggest mistake you can make right now? Not using this time to shine as a trusted real estate adviser by crafting responsible, thoughtful, factual and compassionate messaging. Here are the essentials for the right approach.

How to safeguard your business in this challenging time

Doubling up on cleanliness, catering to your clients’ interests, staying abreast of your local real estate market news and other measures you can take to prepare your business for any disruption.

7 ways you can take control and refocus your business

Just because the industry (and the world) is going through a major shift doesn’t mean you can’t quickly learn to adapt to the changing situation. As a Realtor, there’s a lot you can do to bolster your business as you ride out the chaos.

How to stay ahead of coronavirus market fluctuations

From where we stand now, the future of the real estate market looks challenging. If you’re grappling with the rapid change, here are a few things you can do to prepare for future market shifts.

Need a virtual tour solution now? Here are our top picks

Self-containment and social distancing have made in-person home tours challenging. These top tech picks and tips can help you wait out the unexpected pandemic.

7 impactful ways to build your business while staying home

If you’re in an area where there’s a slow down, or maybe even a complete halt, use this time to beef up your business — from home. Here are seven things you can do from the comfort of your home to build future business.

How to run your business without leaving home

Have you planned how you will conduct your business if there is a coronavirus quarantine? If not, now is the time to start.

7 tips for protecting your real estate business in this fearful time

There are a lot of people out there freaking out. You’re an entrepreneur and business owner, and some of those people pay your mortgage. As such, you have to take this seriously and ready yourself to adjust and adapt to a shifting situation. Here’s what you can do right now.

The ‘coronavirus clause’ is now a thing

Red Oak Realty had to create a special contingency for a Bay Area property because the seller is trapped in the Wuhan Province, ground zero of coronavirus.

Running a brokerage

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Agent/broker perspective: What are safe solutions for selling homes during an outbreak?

In this monthly column, Anthony Askowitz explores a hypothetical real estate situation from both sides of the broker/agent dynamic. This month: An agent wants to continue business as usual, but is uncomfortable with in-person interactions with clients.

10 things every broker should be doing to weather the storm

Things are in a state of flux, and leaders need to step up their game and steer their brokerages in the right direction. Here are a few things every broker should consider when leading through a crisis.

How to create a business continuity plan for your brokerage

COVID-19 disruptions expose an uncomfortable truth — many brokers are not prepared for changes to business as usual. What can you do to build resilience into your brokerage?

Your thoughts on good leadership during tough times

Brad Inman took to our Inman Coast to Coast Facebook group to learn how your leaders are displaying good leadership during this difficult time.

5 ideas to smoothly transition your team to working remotely

Making the switch to a virtual office? These best practices will help you make the most of the change and drive your agents’ performance.

5 real estate execs share the secrets of running a remote workforce

In the face of coronavirus, brick-and-mortar real estate companies are quickly figuring out remote working options. Here’s how they can make the transition.

What’s it like to run a brokerage in a containment zone?

Matt Rand discussed the steps his team is taking with one of its real estate brokerages inside the one-mile “containment zone” in New Rochelle, New York.

How to properly clean and disinfect your real estate office

As coronavirus infections spread and cause shutdowns of offices and schools across the U.S., many are understandably on edge. Here’s how to curb some of that fear by taking preventative measures.

Keeping the team moving

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3 critical behaviors team leaders need to adopt today

As a leader, it’s important to make sure your team is cared for — now more than ever. Here are a few qualities and skills you need to hone to support your team’s survival and growth during tough times.

How to be the leader your team needs right now

Under today’s pressures, leaders have to step up and guide the way. The leadership qualities that empower teams through the good times are the same ones that motivate them through the bad. Here’s how to lead with T.R.U.S.T.

How to lead your team when you don’t have all the answers

In a time rife with misinformation, uncertainty and fear, it’s hard to lead with confidence. As the world shifts and changes, there are a few things you can instill in your team so they can make better decisions.

How to adapt your real estate team to this new reality

Here’s a peek into how Seattle-based Team Diva pivoted its practices in the midst of today’s crisis — from changes to marketing, listing processes and everything in between. With this comprehensive list, you can establish new guidelines for your team, too.

How to tighten your team’s belt right now

The coronavirus has already significantly affected the economy, and chances are, it’ll have an impact on your team, too. Here are a few things you can do to get your financial commitments in shape, adapt your team and soften the blow.

How to lead your team through turbulent times

Even though nobody knows what lies ahead, a great leader should be capable of reacting effectively when faced with uncertainty. Here’s what excellent crisis leadership looks like in a time like this.

How to raise team morale during tough times

To rise above the difficult times and thrive, here are several steps you can take as a leader, to help you push through, ride the wave and come out on the other side a stronger team.


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Looking a little rough? Here’s how to keep it cute in quarantine

Feeling a little drab? Need a root touchup? Starting to look like a hippie? Quarantine is rough on the beauty routine and basic upkeep, but worry not! We’ve pulled together some of the top BeauTubers’ (that’s beauty + YouTuber) advice on how to keep it cute while staying at home.

Feeling listless? 16 at-home workouts to get you moving

Whether you’re that agent who hits the gym before dawn to get in a daily workout or you’re just missing the steps that real estate naturally provides (and going a little stir-crazy), there’s an at-home workout for you.

A 15-point plan to break out of a self-quarantine rut

Perhaps now more than ever, the prospect of feeling stuck is closing in on us as we’re socially distancing and staying in close quarters together.

Here are 3 things you should do right now for your mindset

Let’s take a moment and talk about a few things you can do right now to improve the mental and emotional outlook for you and those around you.

10 simple ways to engage kids struggling with social distancing

As schools begin shutting down, parents are wondering how to balance working at home with children. Here are 10 things you can do to alleviate cabin fever.

The Inman team shares tips for making remote work fun

From workouts to playlists and ergonomic desks — some of Inman’s staff shares how we make working from home work for us.

Got cabin fever? Here are 104 ideas to keep you sane

Don’t get sucked into futile social media discussions, endlessly spin your wheels and spiral into anxiety. Instead, beat the stay-at-home blues by putting your mind to good use, benefiting your business and enhancing your life. Here are some ideas to get you going.

10 strategies for combating the stress of uncertainty

Although you can’t anticipate what the pandemic will do in the future, you can control how you respond to it. Here are 10 strategies to help ease anxiety.

5 ways to calm anxiety and keep your business moving forward

Right now, the impact that coronavirus is having is causing strain on many, whether it’s actually in your market or not. Here are a handful of ways to help relieve some of the tension you might be feeling and keep it business as usual as much as possible.


3 ways to get buzz for your luxury listing as the market changes

Now more than ever, we need to drum up new and exciting ways to showcase luxury real estate. Here are a few ideas for what to do now and what to think about for when the coronavirus pandemic subsides.

Why marketing to interest rates is the wrong strategy

In today’s volatile market, what is the right way to go about marketing and advertising? Here are a few effective approaches to marketing your business while putting your clients’ interests first.

Joking about coronavirus: Where’s the line when everyone’s on edge?

During stressful times, it’s natural to seek out humor as a means of relief. The question is, when does humor about a serious situation go too far?

Real estate agents: Stop advertising mortgage rates

Given the recent volatility with mortgage interest rates, real estate agents need to remember best practices in regards to advertising, which can include posting about rates on social media. Here are a few things to keep in mind so that you don’t get yourself in trouble.

This weekend will be ‘bellwether’ for open houses in the spring

Agents Inman spoke to haven’t yet seen clients abandoning things like open houses. But handshakes may be going out of style, and some believe the worst is yet to come.

Virus prompts nearly a quarter of all sellers to adjust how home is viewed

A survey released Thursday by NAR indicates sellers are cancelling open houses and requiring interested buyers to wash their hands and remove shoes.

A simple way to get eyes on your listing during uncertain times

Amid coronavirus fears, this tried-and-true piece of tech can help real estate agents continue showing homes while staying safe.

Helping clients

Getty Images and Artist GND Photography

How real estate professionals are helping their communities during coronavirus

Increasing numbers of people are working from home, and restaurants and schools may be closed, but real estate professionals are still trying to help others in their own way.

How agents are handling (and calming) clients’ coronavirus fears

Three agents in Washington, Texas and Canada share how they’re quelling fears about a possible COVID-19 pandemic by relying on facts and statistics.

Moving during coronavirus: ‘This is like what they say don’t do’

Individuals in the process of moving and moving industry companies are beginning to feel the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.


Normal is gone: How to mentally prepare for the unknown future

If we’ve learned anything from past downturns, it’s that there is no normal — new or old. In today’s stressful time, we just have to learn to play the hand we’re dealt. Here’s how one indie broker broaches life and work during a global pandemic.

Where’s the silver lining? Here are 6 positive outcomes

We’re unsure how long the coronavirus crisis will last, but there’s one thing for certain. Even in today’s gloomy situation, there are a few silver linings you can look for.

Survival of the fittest: What will it take for businesses to outlast this pandemic?

International and historical data shows that as the pandemic spreads and more stringent lockdown measures are put in place, the volume of real estate transactions will drop significantly — up to 90 percent. Although the drop is temporary, only the most agile and resilient businesses will survive.

Agents: It’s time to stop holding open houses

In response to the recent coronavirus outbreak, brokerages have to do what they can to exercise safety. So, here’s why our firm suspended open houses — and why yours should, too.

7 things the industry should be doing amid coronavirus

What can the real estate industry do to minimize the ripple effect of the pandemic? Here are some thoughts on best practices from a broker in a coronavirus hotbed.

How major leaders are taking action

How real estate portals are reacting amid the coronavirus pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic and the associated impact upon global economies spreads, the world’s leading real estate portals are all making big moves in response.

We talked to 21 multiple listing services about their coronavirus preparations. Here’s what they said

Canceling open houses, making showings voluntary and offering online training are some of the steps MLSs are taking. More drastic steps may be on the horizon.

Compass CEO Robert Reffkin calls on Congress to provide aid to agents

Robert Reffkin argued coronavirus aid shouldn’t be limited to W-2 workers. The National Association of Realtors has also said it is working to ensure aid packages to benefit agents.

Read Gary Keller’s advice to agents on navigating market uncertainty

Keller Williams CEO and co-founder Gary Keller, a veteran of four decades in the real estate industry, declares we’re officially in a “market shift.”

Here’s how Compass is guiding employees through crisis

Robert Reffkin, the CEO of Compass, calls the pandemic a “historic time none of us will ever forget.”

What else should we be covering? Feel free to reach out directly to the editorial team or on our Coast to Coast Facebook group

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